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Boat Slips

Come stay with us for a season or a night or two...

Marina Slip Pricing  

There will be an extra $300 per month for liveaboards. (NJA for new customers)

Trailer Storage for slip renter only is $50 per month

($100 will be charged to any customer who breaks lease agreement)

Marina Rules & Regulations

1. Anchor Bay East Marina LLC, will not be liable for any loss on account of fire, flood, theft, vandalism, hurricane, tornado, acts of God or maintenance deemed necessary by management or any other causes beyond our control and does not carry insurance to cover the same. Owners are warned to properly protect themselves through insurance. All boats are operated at owners risks.

2. Heaters and electrical appliances are NOT to be left on while vessel is unattended.

3. Air conditioning is not to be left on while vessel is unattended.

4. Outside labor is permitted, however the contractor must file insurance information with Anchor Bay East Marina LLC and must report to the office before entering the piers or vessel.

5. All owners MUST provide Anchor Bay East Marina LLC with a copy of liability insurance policy with a minimum of $ 300,000 within 30 days of signing this agreement.

6. Berths may not be subleased. Management reserves the right to use any berth when occupant is known to be absent.

7. Lessee shall be responsible for the proper securing of his/her vessel as well as any damage caused by his/her vessel.

8. Motor Fuels of any kind are NOT permitted to be carried onto the piers.

9. Any major repairs to be performed on your vessel while moored at the marina must be authorized by Anchor Bay East Marina LLC (this is a courtesy to others)

10. Business shall not be run from within the marina without first obtaining written permission from Anchor Bay East Marina LLC

11. If a monthly billing cycle has been selected, I have authorized Anchor Bay East Marina LLC to charge my credit card which has been left on file if payment has not been made by the 10th of the month.

12. Parking is permitted in designated areas only.

13. I authorize Anchor Bay East Marina LLC, its personnel agents, or subcontractors to make any emergency repairs to my vessel. I accept responsibility for any charges and agree that I am ultimately responsible for any damages caused by my vessel, regardless of cause.

14. Toilets must not be discharged overboard.

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Slips: Publications

Boat Size
0' to 20'
21' to 30'
31' to 40'
41' to 50'
51' & up



6 Months

(includes 1 short haul)


(includes 1 short haul)

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